Still Virginal After All These Years

May 18, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in and Howard told him he has received numerous e-mails from people who couldn’t believe he turned down Tabitha Stevens’ offer to deflower him yesterday. Eric responded that he got the same comments on his MySpace page, but added he wasn’t going to change his mind out of fear that his parents would stop paying his rent if they didn’t approve of him having sex with a porn star. Robin then wondered if Eric’s parents would really let him go homeless if they didn’t like his behavior, but Eric told her they wouldn’t go that far, but they might make him move back into their house. Howard went on to play a clip of what it would’ve sounded like had Tabitha and Eric got together, but Eric replied the scenario wasn’t realistic because he could tell Richard was playing the part of Tabitha and he never would’ve requested Tabitha to urinate in his mouth as his character in the skit did. Howard ended Eric’s call saying he’d send pictures of Tabitha to Eric’s dad to see if he’d change his mind about the situation.