In Need of a Ruler

May 22, 2006

Howard got Eric the Midget on the line to tell him that Gary received a call from Katharine McPhee, one of the finalists from “American Idol.” After Howard played a clip of Katharine’s call, which was of her saying, “Hi, Gary, this is Katharine,” Gary said he could give Eric her number if he agreed “to do something.” Howard then suggested that Eric measure his penis to get the number, but Eric replied he couldn’t do it because his lights were off seeing as it was 3:45 a.m. in California. Howard went on to warn Eric, that if he gave him Katharine’s number, he shouldn’t call her very often and he couldn’t let her know how he got her number in the first place. Eric responded by promising he’d tell Katharine he was from “The Tonight Show” and got her number from Jay Leno, while also assuring Howard he wouldn’t mention his name to her.

After Eric turned on his lights, he informed Howard he didn’t have a ruler, so he wanted to know if a straw would do the trick for measuring his penis, but he said it wouldn’t. Eric then said he’d try to find a ruler and call back with his measurement later in the show.