Still Burning With His McPhever

May 25, 2006

Eric the Midget called in and reported he voted for Katharine McPhee 330 times last night and that he did not use the phone number he got for her from Gary to call her following the finale. However, Eric acknowledged he did call Katharine for a second time on Tuesday so he could tell her more about himself than he did in the initial message he left for her on Monday. Eric informed Howard, though, he went against his advice and did not tell Katharine that he controlled “the midget vote” for “American Idol” and instead focused his follow-up call on asking her to check out his My Space page.

Eric went on to admit he sometimes records and re-watches episodes of “American Idol” so, if he ever met any of the contestants, he could show them his detailed notes to prove what a fan he was. Eric also said he’d wait until next week to call Katharine to tell her he was sorry that she lost, while adding he’ll spend the next six months watching baseball and other television shows until the next season of “American Idol” begins.