Kathy Griffin Talks What Life Is like on the D-List

June 5, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Kathy Griffin, the star of a reality show called “My Life on the D-List” came into the studio, Howard asked her which celebrities are on the D-List. Kathy replied that people like Mario Lopez, Darva Conger, and Coolio all make her list, while adding she considers Roseanne Barr an A-Lister after Howard asked about her.

Kathy told Howard her ex-husband, Matt, gained weight after they tied the knot, but ended up losing 100 pounds once he joined an overeaters group. Kathy then said she and Matt got divorced once he dropped his weight, although they’re now living together again even though she swore she’d never get remarried to him or anyone else. Although Howard wanted to know more details about her situation with Matt, Kathy insisted she couldn’t divulge additional information this morning, but would talk more about her relationship at a later date.

Kathy brought up that she was recently banned from “The Tonight Show,” which she said is just one of several programs which she’s no longer allowed to appear on. Kathy then explained that the last time she was on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno remarked that a picture of her with Carmen Electra looked like a, “before-and-after shot.” The comment was so hurtful that Kathy ended up crying in her dressing room afterwards and the meltdown was captured on the first season of “The D-List.”

Kathy added Jay has refused to let her come back on the show because he felt his joke and her reaction to it caused him to look bad. After Kathy mentioned she’s also banned from “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “The View,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” – mostly because their hosts don’t like the way she makes fun of celebrities. She told Howard that Ryan Seacrest’s another person who’ll no longer have her on. Kathy went on to say she called into Ryan’s show as it was just beginning to surface that he was supposedly dating Teri Hatcher and after mocking the fact that Teri admitted she cried on a regular basis, Ryan hung up on her. Kathy admitted Ryan’s reaction to her “made her day,” but acknowledged being banned from some of the other shows has bothered her.

Kathy mentioned she performed in Iraq, and encouraged Howard to do the same thing. However, Howard replied he wouldn’t be allowed to go to Iraq, adding his show can’t even be legally played there. Howard then took a number of calls, including one caller who wanted to know if Kathy would be willing to “wipe her snatch with a paper towel and send it to him,” while others wondered about her sex life and one pointed out that Matt had “bologna tits” when he appeared on “The D-List.”

Upon hearing the remark, Howard told Benjy to take off his shirt to show off his “bologna tits,” which he did. Howard next played the clip of Kathy calling into Ryan Seacrest’s show, where he did, in fact, hang up on her once she started discussing Teri Hatcher. After the tape, Kathy reported Ryan tried to get her back on his program for three days, but she refused each of his offers.