Nurse Robin’s Confession: What She Once Did to One of Her Patients

June 6, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Coach Mike called in to talk about the vaginal thermometer he invented and Howard remembered how his mom used to take his temperature rectally until he was 14. Howard then wondered if Robin ever felt uncomfortable working as a nurse and she claimed she never did.

However, Robin admitted she once straddled one of her patients in the hospital when he told her he didn’t think he was a man anymore because of the accident he was in, and she wanted to prove otherwise. Robin acknowledged she was shocked by her own behavior, but assured Howard she didn’t take her act with the man any further.

Since they were talking about disabilities, Artie told a story about how he had to assist his father – who was a quadriplegic after falling off a roof – when he defecated because he was unable to perform the act on his own. Upon hearing this, Howard informed Artie he just gave his roasters another topic for his roast on Thursday.