Gary Dell’Abate’s Drawer of Shame

June 8, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After Artie admitted he’s so out of shape that he sometimes can’t “finish” when having sex, Howard wondered if he plans on dieting given all the weight he’s gained. Artie replied, as sensual as he finds eating, he plans on going on a diet soon. Howard then pointed out he was looking at Gary’s profile on his monitor, and he, too, has gotten bigger. Richard came into the studio and reported Gary’s bottom desk drawer is devoted to M&Ms and he constantly catches him delving into his stash.

Gary acknowledged M&Ms are his weakness and that he could’ve eaten the three one-pound bags of M&Ms that were given to him by an intern in an hour. Gary went on to deny, though, Richard’s claim that he was hiding the M&Ms from himself.