George Takei Confronts Hate

June 13, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard had Shirley the God Hates F*gs woman on the line so she could discuss homosexuality with George. After finding out that George is 69 years old, Shirley asked him why he “came out at such an old age” to admit his “filthy” lifestyle to God.

However, George corrected Shirley on two points, first telling her that he and Brad made their relationship known to family and friends years ago, and secondly, he’s a Buddhist, so he and Shirley don’t believe in the same God. As George was explaining that people need to respect other’s beliefs, especially because of how diverse America is, Shirley interrupted him and insisted she has no respect for George’s lifestyle. In fact, Shirley went on to inform George that God will one day “look him in the eye and dropkick his sorry behind to hell.” Shirley added everything George was saying was “pissing God off,” so she advised him to not talk anymore.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary mentioned he was on Shirley’s website reading about how her group protests funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and he wondered how she goes about picking which funerals they attend. Shirley responded that figuring out what funerals to picket is tough because “God is killing so many American soldiers,” but explained she and her congregation go to whatever funerals are logistically possible.

Artie asked Shirley if there were any celebrities whose work she enjoys, but she said there aren’t, largely because “they’ve all flipped off their gods and are going to hell.” As Howard went on to propose possible shows for Shirley – including “Dancing with the F*g Haters,” “The F*g-Hating Bachelor” and a ping-pong tournament pitting gay people against “f*g haters” – but she rejected them all. Following a call from Mariann from Brooklyn, who wondered how Shirley and her group made money, George said that was a good question. Shirley replied she earns her living as a lawyer, although she doesn’t have much time to devote to her practice because of her activistion. Shirley added, though, that she never mixes her religious views with her job, because that would “just be stupid.”