One Last Call for ‘Rusty’ Richard Christy

June 19, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a clip of Richard calling into one of his favorite public access shows, but noted that it was a bittersweet call because the host of the program announced that she would no longer be taking calls because of the trouble Richard’s been causing her. In the clip, Richard first played a tape of George Takei saying, “There was a whole article in Time magazine that said for gay teens, homosexuality, isn’t a big thing” before bursting into unexplained laughter, to which the woman replied, “We’ll deal with that later.” Richard then got on the line as his call-in character, Rusty, crying and asking the host how he could get in touch with her in the future. The woman told “Rusty” he can e-mail her when he gets the urge, even though their phone communication will have to stop.