Drunken Words From Wendy

June 27, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy the Retard called in and Howard played two voicemails she left recently with the show. Following the tapes, Howard pointed out that Wendy sounded drunk in the messages and she admitted she was drinking strawberry-kiwi wine coolers when she left them.

This led Howard to question if Wendy was worried about killing brain cells with her new habit, noting she can’t have many to lose. After Howard asked Wendy what 12 divided by three was, to which she replied “200,” she added that she’s been depressed as of late, which was just one of the reasons her drinking has picked up. Wendy went on to answer a number of questions Howard had about her masturbation habits, including that she has to lift up her stomach to get to her vagina and that her fingers smell like “cotton candy” after she pleasures herself.