Eric the Actor Has Big Demands for Flight

June 28, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard brought up the letter he received from Eric the Midget which included the following list of demands he said would have to be met for him to “even think about flying in the studio:

• $500,000 • $250,000 to the Little People of America and another $250,000 to the Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation • A new green Chevy truck complete with a wheel chair lift, OnStar and a DVD player • A laptop computer • A Sony DVD camcorder • An X-Box and an X-Box 360 • Equipment for his iPod and any videogames he wants • The cartoon about him doesn’t air on Howard TV • Passes to meet Kelly Clarkson • Tickets to see and passes to meet Carrie Underwood • Passes to meet Diana DeGarmo • Members of the staff have to dress in drag and visit other SIRIUS channels to sing “gay songs”

Howard informed Eric, who was on the line, he wouldn’t agree to any of his demands, but was positive he’d still end up flying. Howard added he received another photograph from Valerie, the woman who called in yesterday to say she’d go on a date with Eric, and reported she looked even better than in the first one she sent.

As Eric continued to refuse to fly, Howard noted the only reason people write to him on his MySpace page is because he’s on the show, so, if he stops accepting his calls on the air, his e-mails from the site will “dry up.” After Howard sent the new picture of Valerie to Eric, he responded that he didn’t trust Howard because of all the “stupid bits” he’s had to endure at the hands of Sal and Richard.

However, Howard assured Eric he wasn’t putting him on when it came to Valerie, and Benjy, who’s the one person on the program Eric does trust, corroborated his story. Since Eric was being so difficult, Howard told Eric not to call into the show anymore. Eric responded by saying “all right” before hanging up for what could be the final time.