Wendy and the Negative Effects of Alcohol

June 28, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Wendy the Retard called in this morning, Howard reported she left him 29 drunken voicemails yesterday alone. This led Howard to point out Wendy’s turning into an alcoholic, although he wasn’t sure AA meetings would help her at all. Howard then played two of Wendy’s calls from yesterday, one of which featured her referring to Howard as “daddy” and yelling that she was “high on chocolate.”

Howard asked Wendy what she drank and ate last night, and she said she consumed three Miller Lites and “20 brownies.” Wendy went on to say she moves her bowels two times a day before acknowledging, because she doesn’t wipe herself properly, she gets “the goose bumps” on her rear end. Wendy also announced she’s trying to find employment, noting her dream job would be working on the radio. Upon hearing this, Howard told Wendy he’d consider giving her a show on one of his channels.