Bits That Shouldn’t Be

July 25, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Will reported he had a pool of men who were willing to have sex with Siobhan the Transsexual, including one who wanted his band’s music to be played on the air, a man who asked for a chance to get drunk with Artie, as well as a number of “good Samaritans” who were willing to do it for free.

After Howard chose the musician as the man Will should contact, Gary came into the studio and announced Carmen Electra’s publicist got in touch with him to rebuke the story in today’s paper that she was dating Jamie Foxx.

Despite the call, Howard said he wanted to hear the report from Carmen herself, so he asked her to call into the show to talk about it. Howard then turned back to the musician who agreed to have sex with Siobhan, and how “a ton” of songs and bits get sent to the show. This led Howard to play a commercial for a product called “C*m Paste,” a three-minute bit that he said went nowhere. While Robin noted she didn’t understand the joke in the tape, Artie reported he was actually “mad” because of how much time it wasted on the program. Although Howard went on to play a number of songs he didn’t like, Richard reminded him once in a while an artist is discovered through listener submissions, including Grover, the rapper who’s been sending in weekly show reviews via raps ever since Richard discovered him.