From Charity to K-ROCK

A 1983 clip reveals Howard at his most charitable.

August 18, 2006

Before the next clip of Howard broadcasting from the Easter Seals Telethon in 1983, Gary reported Howard was a generous person, but he usually gave his money to charities quietly. Given this, Gary said Howard’s appearance at the Easter Seals was confusing to him, but added he thought it had something to do with how he had just started WNBC at the time, and was probably encouraged to participate by management.

In the clip, Howard talked about the dangers of certain diseases while also begging people to call in with pledges. Gary then commented when the tape was done that Howard was trying to be “wacky” while also being serious, which he found funny.

Jon went on to play a segment from Howard’s first broadcast on KROCK a few years later, in which he started the show by complaining about having to get up so early seeing as he had been doing afternoon shows on WNBC. Howard went on to say he thought about calling in sick that morning because he was sick, but decided to come into work anyway. After Howard proceeded to call a particularly cheery caller a “dweeb” because of how early it was, Robin pointed out he was going to be “a treat” in the mornings. Howard also called Dom Imus’ show to talk to him, but apparently Imus refused to speak to him.