Johnny Fratto’s First Night on Sirius

August 24, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Johnny Fratto called in to talk about his premiere show on SIRIUS that aired last night. Johnny noted he had Nicole Eggert on as a guest, and what he enjoyed most about the experience was how kind the callers were. In fact, Johnny admitted he was looking forward to referring to some of the callers as “motherf’ers,” but he couldn’t do it because of how nice they all were. Johnny reported his favorite call last night was when a listener asked him about his first sexual experience, adding KC Armstrong also appeared on the show. Despite Johnny’s feelings about how the show went, a caller told Howard he didn’t like it because he thought Johnny “wouldn’t stop talking” during it. After Howard took another call from someone who enjoyed the show, Johnny admitted he should’ve given Nicole more of a forum, and said he’d ask her to be on it again in the future.