Jeff the Drunk Has No Plans to See ‘Beer League’

Wack Packer leaves voicemail expressing his disatisfaction

September 11, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard played a voicemail Jeff the Drunk left for Artie, saying that he wouldn’t see “Beer League” if Artie “paid for a limo and the whole nine yards” before hanging up.

Artie replied that Jeff “begged” him for the money he promised to send him for handing out flyers for “Beer League” prior to doing the job, and proceeded to say he now “hated” him.

Howard also played a voice message Mary Cary, Kendra Jade and Chyna Doll left for the show. In it, Mary and Kendra said they were “drunk and horny,” and wanted to come into the studio again so they could ride the Sybian again.