Rappin’ Granny Now Knows What a Penis Looks Like

September 12, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

When Rappin’ Granny came into the studio to celebrate her birthday, Howard recalled her last appearance on the show, which not only featured her riding the Sybian, but also revealed how little she knew about sex. Granny replied she thought she was able to live to 84, because she never really had that much sex in her life, adding that her husband was mostly impotent during their marriage. Granny went on to claim she couldn’t identify various parts of a woman’s body, before saying she had sex with her husband just once, which resulted in pregnancy. Because Granny also insisted she never saw her husband’s penis, Richard came into the studio to show her his. Upon seeing it, Granny responded that she “couldn’t breathe” and demanded Richard not take out his penis again or else she’d “pass out.”