Robin Quivers Deserves Some Respect

Howard's co-host admits to being jealous of the attention he got after being featured on "60 Minutes"

September 18, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard mentioned “60 Minutes” reran the piece about him yesterday that originally aired this past December, and that he watched it again. However, Howard admitted he was surprised there were no updates in the segment, explaining its producers recently called him to ask for any additional information he wanted included in the story. Robin then said she saw promos for the show while she was watching television, and acknowledged finding out that Howard was getting more attention bothered her. Robin proceeded to explain she sometimes becomes envious of the press Howard gets, and also pointed out it was especially difficult for her yesterday because she had spent the weekend with her family, and all they talked about was Howard. Despite this, Robin did say she was happy for Howard, as did Artie and Fred too.