Porn Star Rod Barry Claims to Only Be Gay for Pay

September 26, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard had Rod Barry, a gay porn star, into the studio. Rod reported he made more money in gay films than he did in straight films, saying he earned $2,000 per scene in gay porn and just $500 in straight porn. Rod went on to say he served in the military, and originally thought he was going to be a police officer after being discharged. Rod added, though, that he ended up becoming a dancer at a gay bar, even though he claimed he wasn’t a homosexual and had never had a gay experience in his life.

Rod noted his dancing led him to audition for porn, which involved him masturbating in front of a camera. Rod then recalled that he soon graduated to performing oral sex on men on film, a practice he admitted was “tough” seeing as he wasn’t interested in men in a sexual way. Despite Rod’s assertion about his sexual orientation, Howard commented that he felt he was gay given his performances on film, and George said he believed the same thing.

When Rod went on to acknowledge that he “licked a man’s ass” and had an orgasm while having anal sex performed on him, Robin noted that she thought he was gay as well. Rod added he never had sex with a man outside of the gay porn industry, and that he and his girlfriend recently broke up. When Rod next called himself “a freak” while denying he was gay, George recommended that he embrace his sexual desires instead of trying to mask them. Artie then mentioned that Rod reminded him of a guy who plays golf everyday but insists he isn’t a golfer.

Howard asked George if he thought Rod was attractive, and he responded he did. In fact, George said he felt Rod was so good looking that he wanted to see him ride the Sybian, which Artie pointed out was something Richard was probably hoping for too. Artie then summed up Rod’s lifestyle by saying he was straight, but was always “$2,000 away from being gay.” Howard concluded the interview stating that, to him, if a man “sucked penis,” he was gay.