One Big Happy Sirius Family

 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Alexis Stewart, Martha Stewart's daughter, who has been rumored to have made derogatory statements about Howard and his show, came into the studio to clear the air. Alexis told Howard that he had the wrong opinion of her and that she has no problems with him whatsoever. To illustrate her point, Alexis said she didn't speak to Howard when she saw him at a restaurant recently because he was with his daughters and she didn't want to interrupt them, adding that only famous people are allowed such privileges. Alexis also noted that she's always been shy, which leads people to believe the worst about her personality. Alexis did mention, however, that she does have issues with Bubba the Love Sponge after learning that a pig had been slaughtered on his old radio show. Alexis went on to explain that she knows that the slaughtering of animals is a fact of life, but that, from what she heard, she didn't appreciate the way she thought Bubba and his crew allegedly reveled in the torture the pig endured - despite the fact that the pig in question was actually slaughtered in the same way most pigs are.

After Alexis revealed that she's 40 years old, a fact that shocked both Howard and Robin who thought she was closer to 30, she said that she hasn't had any contact with her father for the past 20 years. Alexis added that she's not against divorce in general, but that her father acted like "a real creep" when he split with Martha and that she hasn't been able to forgive him for it. Although Alexis admitted that she would've like to have had a father figure in her life, she also pointed out that she's gotten over the problems she had with her own dad. When Robin reported that she had heard Alexis doesn't get along with her mother either, Alexis responded that they have a fine relationship, despite the fact that they both have "strong personalities." Alexis acknowledged that her mother has given her enough money to live comfortably without working, but that she enjoys having a job too much to live that kind of life. When Alexis reported that she's currently seeing a man, Gary asked her if she'd ever been married. Alexis replied that, close to a decade ago, she married a man whom she'd known for six months and that they're still friends to this day.

Howard brought up that he used the word "cunty" on of his first SIRIUS run-through shows to describe Alexis' attitude, but that he didn't mean it as negatively as most people took it. Alexis assured Howard that she understood what he was saying with the description, before admitting that she's been called the name in the past and has even used it herself. In fact, Alexis said that she nearly got in a car accident once because she was laughing so hard after one of her friends mentioned that she was "cunty."