Andy Dick Performs an Acoustic Ode to Jessica Simpson

Actor serenades his co-star live on the air

October 4, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Andy Dick announced he was in the movie “Employee of the Month” that comes out on Friday and co-stars Jessica Simpson. Because of this, Andy sang a song he wrote for her called “The Jessica Song,” about her relationship with Nick Lachey and how he wanted to drink beer with her. In the middle of the song, Andy interrupted himself to say he was attracted to Jessica, but added he was a full-fledged bisexual, adding that a man named Peter was his “hottest boyfriend ever.”

Andy and his guitarist Tim Walsh then launched into the theme for “The Shit Show,” but the performance was cut short when staffer Benjy Bronk started licking Andy the way Andy had done at Comedy Central’s William Shatner Roast. Two callers then made requests of Andy, one for his song about Chris Kattan and the other for his song called “The Kmart Song,” but Andy couldn’t remember the lyrics to either one.