Donald Trump Has Plenty to Say About Mark Cuban

Donald Trump calls in to say Mark Cuban is a "loser"

October 10, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Donald Trump called in and said he listens to the show all the time and missed everyone from it. Donald then noted he was busier than ever working on “buildings around the world,” and added he felt Mark Cuban was “a loser” for badmouthing him over the number of products on the market bearing his name. Donald also noted he considered Mark a role model, because, to him, “if he could make it, anyone could.

Donald admitted that he didn’t find Angelina Jolie as attractive as most other did, rating her a five. Donald explained he found Angelina’s choice of dates – including Billy Bob Thorton and her own brother – questionable, and that he felt she had bad skin, which were some of the reasons for his opinion. Donald next scored Jennifer Aniston “a six or seven,” Princess Diana “close to a 10,” and noted there were women who weren’t famous who were even “more beautiful” than that.

Howard brought up how Katie Couric’s ratings on the “CBS Evening News” continued to fall, and Donald didn’t understand why she was signed to such a big contract, especially because her predecessor, Bob Schaffer, was getting good ratings. Donald added he didn’t believe George Steinbrenner was “going soft” after it was announced he wouldn’t fire Joe Torre, saying he thought the main problem on the Yankees was Alex Rodriquez. Donald also accused Robin of being “two-faced” based on things she said about him to his face and what she said on the air. Donald then dispelled the rumor that his daughter, Ivanka, was dating Lance Armstrong. A caller wanted to know why Caroline, one of Donald’s costars on “The Apprentice,” was fired from the show, and he responded it was because he felt she was more interested in becoming famous than doing her job. Donald announced he had a new book, “Why We Want You to Be Rich,” which he said he co-wrote with Robert Kiyosaki. Donald then explained that people could learn about “life and how to make money” if they read the book, and added he was happy, and that his money played a major role in his state of mind. Donald also said he’d be “hard” on North Korea if he had to address its possession of nuclear weapons, before noting he knew many of the potential presidential candidates in 2008, which was why he didn’t want to guess who’d win. Donald went on to say he figured Hilary Clinton could win the election, adding, that no one could do “a worse job” than President Bush.