Alec Baldwin on Keeping His Anger in Check

October 11, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Alec Baldwin came into the studio, and said he was talking to Tim Sabean about possibly doing a show on Howard 101 in the future. Howard then brought up how he had been watching some of Alec’s brother, Stephen’s religious skateboarding videos, and wondered if he was really as into God as he claimed. Alec replied that, while he used to question Stephen’s sincerity, he now believed he was as religious as he insisted he was. Howard next said he appreciated what a good sense of humor Alec had, but that he’d been reading he was having public tantrums lately. Alec acknowledged the New York Post in particular did print stories about him, although he denied what they said. Alec went on to mention people, no matter how talented they were, wouldn’t last in Hollywood if they were as temperamental as some of the stories about him suggested.

Alec said he was divorced from Kim Basinger, but that the custody dispute over their daughter was still going on. Alec added he was in the process of writing a book about “family law and its pitfalls” to assist people going to court, and that it would be out in the spring. As an example of a topic in his book, Alec noted it’s up to participants in a trial to file contempt of court motions even when the judge knows they’re happening, which he cited was one reason why litigants have to spend endless amounts of money on the legal process.

Alec then mentioned he “wished Kim well,” but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to fight her in court. Alec also said his book would be designed to help people going through divorces or custody battles, from how to pick an attorney to what to expect as the trial goes on.

Alec gave Howard “a mystery number” to call so he could speak to his girlfriend, and, once he did, he discovered Alec was dating a woman named Nicole. Howard then asked Nicole to describe what it was like to date Alec, but she wouldn’t answer him. Nicole went on to reveal she was an attorney and, as Howard put a picture of her on the screen, Artie commented she was a lawyer who could “get him off.”

Although Gary reported he heard Alec and Nicole had broken up recently, Nicole insisted it wasn’t true. Alec added he’d talk to Howard about his relationship with Nicole once she got off the line.After Nicole ended her call, Alec admitted the two of them had difficulties years ago, and attributed it largely to their busy schedules.