Lexington Steele Is Straight as an Arrow

October 18, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard announced that Lexington Steele, the porn star with the biggest penis in the industry, got in touch with the show recently to report he didn’t do gay films, and therefore wouldn’t appear in any of their gay stunts, as was suggested in the past. Gary then came into the studio and explained Lexington was a fan of the show and, because of that, “knew what they were going for” when they brought up his name during gay-themed bits. Despite that, he still wanted them to stop giving the impression he’d do gay things like have anal sex with Scott the Engineer or hit Will in his face with his penis. Artie then wondered if perhaps Lexington could suggest another black pornstar with a huge penis that would be willing to do some of the gay stuff required by the show.