Does Gary Dell’Abate Really Have an IQ of 136?

November 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Following a further discussion about IQ tests, Howard announced Carrie Underwood won Female Vocalist of the Year at last night’s CMA Awards, and proceeded to play her acceptance speech. Howard then commented that he thought Eric the Midget probably pleasured himself to Carrie’s speech, and then had a conversation on the subject with some clips of Eric. Howard next took a call from a listener who wanted to know who he should vote for today, and Howard went down his list of the candidates he was supporting, including Hilary Clinton and Eliot Spitzer. Howard also got to a tape from yesterday’s episode of “Oprah,” where a bikini-clad Kirstie Alley came out to cheers from the crowd and a “You go, girl!” from Oprah.

When a caller named Christopher questioned Gary’s earlier assertion that his IQ was 136, Gary challenged him to an IQ-test competition, which he accepted. Christopher went on to give Gary a series of questions, and he responded by getting some of the answers right and some of them wrong. For instance, when asked what “M-A-C…H-I-N-E” spelled, Gary responded “Mac Hine,” instead of Machine. Gary added he’d schedule Christopher’s appearance for next week, and that, if Christopher lost, he’d have to get tea-bagged by Richard.