The Crowd Gets Ready for Greg Fitzsimmons

November 9, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The comedian, Greg Fitzsimmons, who was set to open tonight for Artie at Carnegie Hall, came into the studio for the news. Greg said he wasn’t overly nervous about his own performance tonight, and that he thought Artie would do well on the stage. Greg added he was going to wear “a nice suit” for his routine, and that his mother would be in attendance as well.

Greg then explained he felt wearing a suit onstage would allow him to perform “filthy sh*t,” while Artie admitted the exact schedule hadn’t yet been worked out given that there were two other comedians besides him and Greg. Once he heard that, Greg acknowledged he wanted to perform immediately before Artie out of fear that the crowd wouldn’t be kind to him early on, but Artie assured him he thought a crowd at Carnegie Hall would be more refined than those who usually attend his shows.