Naming Their Prices for a Party

Artie, Gary and Andrew Dice Clay make a killing when they attend private events

November 13, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before Robin got to her news, Artie revealed he turned down a $40,000 offer to appear at an upcoming private birthday party because he had a previous engagement.

Gary then noted he and Andrew Dice Clay would instead be performing at the event, and, while he had no idea what Dice was being paid, Gary would not disclose what he was getting either. Gary went on to say the man throwing the party did offer to donate $50,000 to the North Shore Animal League if Howard would show up at the function “for just a minute,” and he responded he would’ve considered it had he been given the money directly and not have had it donated to a charity.

Artie then talked about how he saw a woman get hit by a car right before his concert on Thursday night. Artie next mentioned that, despite the fact the car in question was traveling quickly, he walked over to the woman and discovered her arm was merely grazed by it and that she wasn’t seriously injured as a result of the accident.