Artie Lange Gets Religious After Near Car Accident

November 30, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie brought up that he accidentally rolled into an intersection near the Lincoln Tunnel earlier this week, and that three cars almost smashed into before it was over. Artie reported that once he collected his thoughts following the incident, he looked for a statue of St. Christopher, which his mother had always given him for his cars throughout his life, but couldn’t find one.

Given this, Artie acknowledged he felt some religious item which saved his life was in the car, and, after a thorough search, he found the Mass card he got at Gary’s father’s funeral, and figured that must be what saved him. Artie then mentioned he decided he was never going to remove the card from his car, and that his mom recommended the same thing to him when he told her about the incident.

Artie next told a story about the time Norm MacDonald got upset with him on an airplane because he hadn’t called his mother before the flight—a practice he said he always did because she prayed for his safety in the sky—which prompted Howard to read e-mails from listeners demanding that Artie stop telling his Norm stories. Howard also got to a letter from a fan who wanted Robin to stop reading child abuse stories during her news, but she insisted she didn’t go out of her way to put such stories in her news segment, as Howard claimed she did.