No Shirt, No Pants, No Service

December 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jessica Hahn called in to say both she and Howard were mentioned last night on “Show Me the Money,” and he played the tape. When it was done, Jessica went on to talk about the amount of time she used to spend at the Playboy Mansion, and Artie asked her to be sure to visit tonight because he was going to be performing standup there.

After Jessica said she’d think about attending Artie’s gig, Gary came into the studio to announce he’d been to the same kind of corporate party at the Mansion that Artie was going to perform at, and he never saw any women get naked, as Artie was hoping would happen. Although Howard replied he thought there was a good chance that some of the Playmates got naked tonight, Artie thanked Gary for being a “killjoy.”