Problems From Florida

December 7, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The show began with Howard bringing up that Bubba the Love Sponge had an on-air meltdown yesterday, mostly about how he felt unappreciated by the people at SIRIUS. After Robin pointed out she thought Bubba felt that way because he broadcasted from Tampa and was isolated from the rest of the company, Howard added he figured the fact that he was flying everyone from the show to Bubba’s wedding showed how much he liked him.

Gary then came into the studio and announced Bubba was also complaining yesterday that he was essentially working for free after he paid for his studio and his crew, and Howard acknowledged that this was what he had heard too. Howard also noted he thought Bubba had an issue working for stations called Howard 100 and 101 as well, but said he was thrilled with the job Bubba was doing. Howard next got to some clips from Bubba’s tirade of him asking for the phones to be disconnected so he couldn’t get in trouble with “corporate,” and then demanded that the people in the studio leave so he could make his address by himself.

As Howard waited for Gary to give him the actual meltdown, he mentioned he believed Bubba did deserve more respect, and explained, for example, that he wasn’t included in any of the advertisements for SIRIUS. However, Howard also recommended Bubba “chill” and not get “caught up” in the situation seeing as SIRIUS execs had a number of issues to deal with besides him.