Donald Trump vs. Martha Stewart Feud Comes to a Close

December 14, 2006
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Martha said she and Donald Trump were no longer feuding over their spat about “The Apprentice” earlier this year, but also acknowledged she’d turn her back on him if they were ever in the same room. Martha said she was “happy” and that she was almost back to being worth $1 billion. Martha then noted she’d never had any plastic surgery, even though she felt her breasts had somehow gotten bigger the past few years.

Martha went on to insist she never sent spies to Rachael Ray’s talk show as some have suggested, at which point Gary came in and announced she needed to leave in order to tape her own program. Martha then mentioned she was celebrating her first year at Sirius, which led Howard to comment he enjoyed working with her, especially because of how much effort he felt she put in to getting subscribers. When George went on to note he found Martha’s “candor and charm” to be refreshing, Martha thanked him. However, Howard replied that George had made the same speech the last time he saw Jeff the Drunk, which got a laugh—and a denial—from George.