Giants Vs Eagles: Wasted Tickets

January 8, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Artie went on to say one of the other packages he got yesterday was from Tim Sabean, who he reported had sent him two executive suite tickets to yesterday’s Giants game in Philadelphia, but that he couldn’t use them because he “opened them five minutes before kickoff.”

After Artie called the gesture “the greatest gift ever” and that he would’ve used the tickets had he known about them beforehand, Howard added he got Artie a pair of seats to “last year’s Rolling Stones concert.”

Tim then came into the studio to explain the tickets weren’t printed “until the last minute” and that he didn’t have Artie’s latest phone number (you may recall that Artie likes to change numbers from time to time), which was why he was unable to let Artie know about the gift in advance.