Steve-O Returns to the Stern Show

“Jackass” star discusses everything from finance to romance

January 11, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve-O stopped by this morning, and told Howard “the most hardcore thing” he’d ever done was “inject five ounces of vodka” into his arm. Steve went on to explain he’d met a registered nurse, and she assured him he wouldn’t die from the stunt, which was why he went through with it.

Artie then noted he recently watched an episode of “Wild Boyz,” where Steve covered himself in honey and let a wild bear lick it off him. Although Steve acknowledged there was a chance of serious injury or death as a result of the bear incident, he added he wouldn’t have minded such results as long as there was footage of it. Steve then said, though, that he understood why Steve Irwin’s widow didn’t want the tape of his death released, noting Steve Irwin’s career wasn’t about performing dangerous stunts on camera.

Greener Times Ahead

Steve acknowledged he was “happy” with the $73 million “Jackass 2” made in America, and also said he planned on getting “really rich.”

Steve then noted his role in the “Jackass” franchise has led to other career opportunities, and that he was the leading man in the soon-to-be-released “National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie,” and also had a cameo on “The O.C.”

Thinking About Just Saying No

Steve said marijuana was his favorite drug, and that heroin and crack were the only two drugs he’s never tried. However, Steve also said he was contemplating giving up drugs all together, mostly because of his former cocaine habit. Steve went on to recall he used to stay up for three days straight snorting the drug, sleep it off for an entire day, and then start the cycle all over again. Steve added such a habit started getting in the way of his work, which he admitted “said something” when it came to him.

Nicole, Paris, and the Real World

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Steve reported he “got in trouble” following his last appearance on the show when he brought up that he had pleasured himself while lying in bed next to Nicole Richie, although he insisted she was fine with what he said. Steve also said he and Johnny Knoxville were still friends, but he wasn’t sure if there’d be a third “Jackass” movie. Despite this, Steve mentioned he recently had an idea for a stunt involving an amputated finger and his rear end, an idea that Howard noted he’d support given the success of the other films. Steve then turned his attention back to women, calling them “pains in the ass” because all the ones he has sex with want to be his girlfriend afterwards. However, Steve went on to say he enjoyed cuddling, and that he even engaged in the practice with hookers he was with overseas. Steve also reported he hangs out with Paris Hilton, but claimed they’d never had sex, before bringing up that he had sex with one of the stars of “The Real World” a few months ago, even though he wouldn’t identify her.