Cracks in the Armor

January 17, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard read a New York Post article claiming he was set to marry Beth.

However, Howard pointed out that, although the topic of marriage was mentioned yesterday because of all the talk about Bubba’s nuptials, he had no immediate plans to do so. Howard added he felt it was like he and Beth were “already married” given the fact that they live together, but also admitted he’d consider going through with marriage but only if Beth really wanted it.

Howard went on to say that, following his divorce, he hoped he’d find a serious girlfriend who didn’t want to get married, but acknowledged Beth “took him by surprise.” Howard then recalled he was “seeing” a woman at the time he met Beth, but that he knew as soon as they were introduced that she was “different” from all the other women he’d met during his brief stint as a bachelor.