Never a Dull Moment with JD

January 17, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While Lisa G. was in the studio, she reported JD set off an alarm at Barnes & Noble last week, and, to make matters worse, he had a bag full of porn he’d taken from the studio with him at the time. JD then came into the studio and admitted the security guard at the store was surprised when he opened JD’s bag to search it. When JD acknowledged that he had told the guard where he worked as an explanation of why he had all the porn, Howard thanked him for bringing his name into the mix. After JD revealed that he had slept in the office last night, Howard asked him if he thought his lack of sleep affected his “mush mouth.” To prove his point, Howard played a clip of JD attempting to interview porn stars at the AVN Awards last weekend, with him fumbling over words as he spoke to them.

Say Hello to Your New Dad

Since JD was in the studio, Robin also revealed she had discovered that JD’s mom went to Hawaii a few years ago to see a man she’d met on the Internet, and that the two had since gotten married. JD said this was true, and admitted he hadn’t seen his mom in years, and had no interest in flying to Hawaii to see her.

As the conversation continued, Howard wanted to know more about JD’s mom’s new husband, and he announced he was “a dark-skinned Hawaiian.”

Howard next asked JD what Website his mom had met her husband on, and, when he didn’t know, Artie responded the site was called “”

Howard proceeded to advise JD to find out what his mom’s Internet screen name was so he could avoid potentially “talking dirty to her” in a chat room in the future.