JD’S Dad Calls In to Explain Himself

January 18, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

JD’s dad, Chuck, got on the line to explain his remark yesterday on “The Wrap Up Show” that his son was “an experiment.” Chuck then said the comment had nothing to do with JD being “a mistake,” but instead meant he and JD’s mother “didn’t know what the f’ they were doing (as parents)” at the time. Chuck went on to say he didn’t know his ex-wife had met the man who became her second husband on the Internet prior to it being revealed on the show yesterday, and added he offered to pay for JD to fly to Hawaii to see his mother, but that he didn’t want to go. As Howard, Robin and Artie all told Chuck how much they liked JD, he replied he felt the same way, and admitted he was jealous of JD’s success.