Their Popularity Continues to Grow

Johnny Fratto's thread has some legs

January 24, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to report a thread on the Stern Fan Network dedicated to him and Johnny Fratto had officially surpassed the one devoted to Jessica Hahn in both responses and views over the past month. This led Artie to recommend Eric “go to over to the microwave, open the door and get in.” When Eric replied by saying he saw “a fat girl on ‘Idol'” last night who resembled Artie, he responded by telling Eric to get his “f*g card” for leaving “American” out of the title. Johnny then called and explained the thread in question had more than 70,000 replies and 500,000 views, and advised Howard to take a look at it himself. Johnny went on to talk about how a helicopter, which he said was out to deal with a home invasion somewhere in Beverly Hills, flashed its spotlight on him this morning, and his girlfriend immediately asked him what he’d done to get in such trouble. Jessica proceeded to call to congratulate Eric and Johnny, and also to say she hadn’t been on the Stern Fan Network in several months.