Scott DePace: A View from the Far Right

January 25, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

While Scott DePace was in the studio to discuss a script he once sent to Howard, he asked how Howard had come to his current political opinions.

Howard explained that he was able to form his own thoughts when it came to politics, and that he disagreed with most of President Bush’s policies. For starters, Howard said he didn’t like the president’s stance on not allowing gay marriages, or the fact that he didn’t support the right of gay parents to adopt children. After Howard added that, unlike the president, he also supported a woman’s right to abortion and stem-cell research, he said he also believed global warming was caused by man, a belief not shared by the president…or Scott.

Although Scott tried to defend some of the president’s policies, Howard insisted he wasn’t right, and went on to play a clip for Scott of Rush Limbaugh referring to Barack Obama and Halle Berry as “Half-rican Americans.” Upon hearing it, Scott wasn’t sure Rush’s remark was racist, but Howard informed him it was, and that it was also Rush’s attempt to be funny.