Every Job is Worth It

January 25, 2007

Howard brought up that Paris Hilton was in the news again for allegedly being in yet another sex tape, which he admitted turned him on.

Howard went on to say Kevin Federline was causing a controversy for his Super Bowl commercial, explaining that, in it, Kevin plays a rapper, who finds out he’s actually a fast-food worker daydreaming about being a rapper. Howard reported that the spot had some fast-food employees upset because they took it as an insult, which led him to say he didn’t consider any job to be a bad one, even if it didn’t pay much money.

Howard next noted Mel Karmazin, the current CEO of SIRIUS and former chairman of CBS, was the man responsible for bringing the Super Bowl to CBS, and therefore deserved credit for the huge amount of money the network made from the ads during the game every year.