Caller Was Legally Dead, Sees ‘Hell’ After Horrible Accident

February 1, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard took a call from a man named Leonard, who explained how he “legally died” after being beaten and claimed to have “seen hell” when he did.

Leonard then explained he was beaten because he “used to be gay,” recalling he left a club that night and was approached by men with bats who “pummeled” him.

Leonard went on to say he suffered broken bones and nerve damage from the attack, and that the afterlife he “saw” was “misty and didn’t smell very good,” and that the light he saw confused him. Which is why Leonard thought he was witnessing hell, not heaven, and that God spoke to him and warned him he needed to change his lifestyle.

Leonard said his recovery from the beating took six months, and that he was now in perfect health. Leonard added that, although he was still attracted to men, he was listening to God and was now dating a woman.

Upon hearing that, Howard noted he thought Leonard would go back to having sex with men, but he replied that wasn’t the case. Leonard proceeded to admit he tried to “convert” other gay men in chat rooms to help them, and claimed he was successful occasionally.

Howard took calls about Leonard’s story, with one comparing him to Sylvia Browne. Leonard then commented he’d made other lifestyle changes as well since he died, including eating meat, hunting – which he claimed made him “manly” – and not drinking soy milk, a product he thought increased the possibility of making men gay.

Howard ended Leonard’s interview with another call, this one from a guy who claimed he used to be black until he was beaten, died and came back as a white man.