Any Chance of Howard Getting Married Again?

February 1, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard read an article that speculated he would get married soon, and Gary came into the studio and said he agreed with the piece.

Gary then explained that, during the commercial, Howard told him about a conversation he had recently about wedding rings with a jeweler friend of his, and Robin noted people who weren’t thinking about marriage wouldn’t be having such discussions.

Howard responded by denying he was getting married, but also acknowledged he and Beth often “fantasized” about what their wedding would be like if they were to tie the knot.

What the Stars Pay?

Gary went on to read that Ben Affleck bought J-Lo a $3 million engagement ring, while Donald Trump paid $1 million for the ring he gave Melania.

After Artie claimed he paid $50,000 for the loose diamond he bought for Dana, Fred noted he spent only $8,000 on the ring he picked for Allison, although he added he bought her “a bigger ring” a few years later.

More ‘Experts’ Chime In

Ralph got on the line and predicted Howard would get married, although he acknowledged he didn’t know why he’d want to, given how good his relationship with Beth was.

This led Howard to admit he didn’t want to ruin what he and Beth had, but Gary pointed out Ralph was leaving out the fact that most people “evolve” when they got married, adding that, given his experience in relationships, Ralph was the last person Howard should listen to.

However, Ralph insisted he knew many married couples, and none of them ever told him how great their married lives were. After Howard said he understood why people got married because it proved the couple was committed to each other, Gary noted he thought Ralph was against them getting married because he was afraid his relationship with Howard would change as a result.

Jessica Hahn then called in to suggest that Howard and Beth elope, but Robin demanded he not do that, seeing as she wanted to see them get married.

Artie then pointed out he had an anti-marriage conversation with Tim Sabean recently, reporting that Tim couldn’t go to the Super Bowl this weekend because he didn’t think his wife would allow it.

Sal then came into the studio and said the reason he felt Beth was so in love with him now was because she didn’t have “two bags of his cash” in her hands, but Howard pointed out that Beth would sign a prenup prior to their potential marriage, so he wasn’t concerned with that.

More Reasonable Prices

Steven Singer, a jewelry expert and friend/sponsor of the show, called in to say he thought Howard should spend between $40,000 and $70,000 for an engagement ring, which Howard thought seemed like a fair price to him.

When Howard admitted he’d spent that much on other jewelry he’d bought for Beth in the past, Artie wondered if he thought he should spend even more on a wedding ring. However, Howard didn’t feel that was necessary.