Howard gives Praise to Richard & Sal and Talks ‘American Idol’ Meanness

February 7, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard began today paying tribute to Richard and Sal with a montage of their prank calls. In the first, Richard called an old and sped-up his voice, while in the second, Richard, Sal and some female interns called the psychic, Morris, who got so upset that he revealed on the air the phone number they were calling from. Morris then encouraged his viewers to call the number in order to “give him some happiness in his life because he doesn’t have it,” before referring to “him” as an “idiot.” The third call featured Richard phoning into a public access show to announce he discovered “a new talent”: that he could “lick his own asshole.”

Tapes Instead of Roasts

When Eric the Midget called in, Howard revealed he received a number of negative e-mails about his calls, and read a few for him. However, Eric responded by claiming those messages should let Howard know people don’t like him and should therefore would like for him be roasted, but Howard again refused. Eric went on to ask Howard if a certain episode of “Casino Cinema,” which is co-hosted by Beth O, would be replaying because Diana DeGarmo was on it. Howard then told Eric he wasn’t sure if that episode would be on again, but promised he’d get him a copy, a gesture that Eric said he’d “appreciate.”

After playing a few prank calls made to Eric, Gary came into the studio and reported JD had a copy of the “Casino Cinema” Eric was looking for, but that, because JD didn’t like Eric, he would overnight it to him if he repeated the line, “I like black c*ck.” Eric wouldn’t give into JD’s request, though, and Howard assured him he’d still get him the tape…eventually.

Wack Packers Unite

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Siobhan the Transsexual called in accusing Howard of discriminating against Eric when it came to his roast, but Howard insisted it wasn’t that, but was simply a creative decision.

Given this, Siobhan suggested the Wack Pack roast Eric as an alternative to real comedians doing it, but Howard denied that idea as well. Siobhan also asked if she could attend the show’s next creative meeting, but Howard informed her he didn’t invite the general public to be there.

When Siobhan then claimed she had good ideas for the show, Howard advised her to e-mail them to Artie, who gave Siobhan the following address artie@babygorilla/ to send them to (be sure to type it correctly or he won’t get your emails).

Clothes Stay On

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller wanted to know if Beth had ever been approached to be in Playboy, and he said she had, but that he knew she’d never do it, no matter how much money she was offered.

The caller then asked Howard if he’d have a problem with her doing it, and he acknowledged he had mixed feelings, with part of him not wanting other men to see her that way and another side of him liking the “bragging” he could do because of it. Howard added that Beth was making “really good money” as a legitimate model, and feared posing naked would tarnish her reputation.

Meaner Than Ever Before

Photo: Fox

Howard admitted he didn’t like the way the judges on “American Idol” treated one of the show’s contestants – a heavyset woman wearing spandex – last night, and played a clip of it.

In the tape, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul all laughed at the contestant before she even said a word, which led Howard to point out he felt Paula was one step away from being that woman herself.

Because Paula was the topic of discussion, Howard also mentioned Mariah Carey continues to bring up his name in interviews, claiming remarks he made in 2001 about her weight gain really upset her at the time.