‘The Donald’ Gives His Take

February 12, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary interrupted the interview to announce that Donald Trump was on the line, so Howard took his call. Donald advised Howard to change his name, pointing out he thought Howard K. Stern was “bad news.”

After Howard told Donald about his interview with the AP from earlier in the morning, he asked Donald if there were any advantages to having his name out there, to which Donald replied, “You can look at it both ways.” Donald went on to say he knew Anna Nicole Smith, and that she had one of “the prettiest faces” he’d ever seen, even though he didn’t consider her to be very “bright.” However, Donald added Anna Nicole was probably smarter than most people gave her credit for, given how much money she was worth. Donald also noted that he thought Anna Nicole had “the best face, body and hair” in the modeling world when he first saw her, even though his image of her was tarnished as soon as she “opened her mouth.” Donald then acknowledged he wasn’t sure that Anna Nicole had lost her weight using diet supplements only, while also insisted that he “never tried to bang her.”

Opinions Remain the Same

Howard commented he didn’t “bother” Donald during his controversy with Rosie O’Donnell, but said his own views about Rosie had improved a great deal after she admitted to being gay and took a stand for gay rights. Donald replied, though, that he considered Rosie “a bad person,” claiming he knew from “smaller people” who used to work on her show that she didn’t treat them well. Donald then said he only needed “two or three friends,” and that he thought Howard was one of them.

Donald proceeded to call Rosie “a bully,” and added he wanted to hit her “right between the eyes” as a result. Donald also referred to Rosie as “an unattractive” woman, before claiming Barbara Walters “lied” when she assured Rosie she didn’t make disparaging remarks to him at Rosie’s expense. When Howard asked Donald what he thought about the people who thought he was too hard on Rosie, he responded, “I think you have to be vicious when you’re dealing with a vicious person.”

Protecting His Daughter

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr. Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Donald talked about how his daughter, Ivanka, was groped by Andy Dick recently on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and also noted he enjoyed his time on Jimmy’s show last month as well. This led Howard to say that, if he weren’t with Beth, he’d consider making a play for Ivanka, but Donald informed him he wouldn’t be happy with that situation. However, when Howard asked Donald if he’d rather have him or Howard K. Stern dating Ivanka, Donald replied, “Reluctantly, I’d go with you.” Following a conversation about O.J. Simpson, Donald acknowledged he wasn’t that interested in Anna Nicole’s death, but still wished Howard his best over the confusion surrounding his name and that of Howard K. Stern.