Mel Karmazin Is Not Intimidated by the Government

February 26, 2007

Mel mentioned he hoped to have the FCC’s decision on the merger by the end of the year, before adding only “four people” knew that the deal was being struck. Howard then asked Mel how long he waited until he had sex following the news, but Mel said he was so happy with the agreement that he didn’t need to have sex once it was made. Mel also claimed he wasn’t going to be nervous when he had to testify in front of Congress about the merger, although he added he couldn’t sleep last night because of his appearance on the show this morning.

This led Howard to ask if Congress should have to approve his other “merger” – namely, his engagement to Beth – but Mel assured him he was making the right move in marrying her. Howard then recommended that Mel address Congress either while wearing a dress or in black face, but Mel said he took such endeavors “extremely seriously.” When Mel proceeded to mention he was testifying on Wednesday at 3 p.m., but wasn’t flying to Washington, D.C. until 5 a.m. that morning, Howard questioned why he wasn’t leaving on Tuesday so he could sleep later on Wednesday. However, Mel assured Howard he’d not only be fresh for the meeting, but that he’d get there on time even if he had to drive to Washington, D.C. himself.