Howard Talks Oscars, Miami Vacation & ‘Fans’

February 26, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The show began with a discussion of last night’s Oscar Awards, with Howard criticizing the wardrobe of the ceremony’s host, Ellen DeGeneres. After Howard mentioned Ellen’s outfit reminded him of “David Arquette on his way to a Halloween party,” Artie pointed out that even he knew her clothes were “odd.” Robin went on to say that she felt Ellen’s girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, should’ve helped out with her clothes, while Howard acknowledged he was happy Alan Arkin won the best supporting actor Oscar, even though he would have loved to have heard Eddie Murphy’s acceptance speech had he won instead. Howard then read a list of the Martin Scorsese films that have lost in the category of best director –including “Goodfellas,” “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull” – before finally winning his first award yesterday for “The Departed.” Artie then called into question why the Oscars started so late, adding he thought the start time hurt “all the little gay kids” who wanted to watch the broadcast.

Possible Sirius & XM Merger Underway

When a caller brought up the recent announcement of a potential merger between SIRIUS and XM, Robin congratulated Howard, explaining she read an article yesterday that stated Oprah Winfrey didn’t attract many subscribers to XM. Howard then said he’d seen the article in question and read it, including the line that Oprah caused “barely a ripple” in the subscription totals for the company. Howard went on to note he didn’t understand why XM execs thought people would pay to hear Oprah when they could watch her talk show everyday for free, while also admitting he thought SIRIUS would still end up “creaming” XM even if the merger didn’t go through.

Another caller asked if the potential merger would raise subscription costs for satellite listeners, and Howard responded by saying that, to him, just the opposite should happen. Howard then said he thought the money no longer needed to be spent on advertising competition between SIRIUS and XM would actually lower the cost of subscriptions, but also mentioned that was a question he’d ask SIRIUS’ CEO, Mel Karmazin, who would be on the show later in the morning. This led Artie to say he agreed with Howard, adding people didn’t “absolutely need” satellite radio, so he didn’t feel it’d make sense to raise the prices.

Vacation Picture of Howard and Beth Leaked on Stern Fan Network

Howard reported he went to Miami over his vacation last week, but he had to go down there on Tuesday instead of Saturday as he had planned, due to a stomach virus he contracted. Howard then insisted he never visited The Stern Fan Network anymore, but that while in Florida he got a call from Ross Zapin informing him there was a paparazzi picture of him and Beth on the beach. As the photograph was put on a monitor in the studio, Howard commented he felt his hat covered up how young he actually looked and that he was “ripped,” before acknowledging posts made by “fans” on the topic didn’t bother him seeing as he’d already accepted that he “looked weird.” Howard then pointed out Beth couldn’t stop looking at her engagement ring, noting that, even as they had some discussions about “personal matters” over vacation, she still couldn’t keep her eyes off it.

Please Stop the Music

Miami South Beach, Florida Miami South Beach, Florida Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard said he had fun in Miami, although he had “one bone of contention” with his hotel: the sound equipment set up at the pool and the subsequent party that was held one night. After Artie advised Howard not to go “anywhere near South Beach” if he wanted to get rest, Howard reported that the hotel’s manager gave him a different, quieter room so he could sleep that night. Howard then joked all he really wanted was “to stay home” in the future.