Praise For the Specials

Howard and a caller praise the recent Howard 100 programming.

February 26, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller noted how much he enjoyed the music special that ran two weekends ago on Howard 100, and Howard added he felt the same way about the premiere of the Spotlight Series, which focused on Billy West. Howard then commented one of the aspects he liked when Jackie Martling and Billy were on the show was how much they brought out of Fred in terms of his impressions, while Artie recalled how he listened to an episode of “Master Tape Theatre” last week, and that it was the one where Billy discussed the controversy surrounding his role on “The Ren & Stimpy Show” with John Kricfalusi, the man who created the voices on the program. Gary then came into the studio to say that, although he “loved” Jackie, he’d forgotten just how often he laughed at his own jokes, but was reminded of it while he listened to the music special. Upon hearing that, Fred played a number of the Jackie laughs he had isolated, and Artie noted he thought some of them reached “a chimp level” in terms of their sounds.

Same Bong Hit, Different Name

After a caller referred to the specials as “the best week ever,” Howard added they were working on another program, “The History of the Howard Stern Show,” and described it as a two-week special about his career starting prior to his introduction to Fred and finishing with the present.The caller went on to note that he called in all the time, but wanted to know how to become “a regular caller.” As Artie laughed at the question, Howard took a call from Bong Hit Bill, and proceeded to ask him how he became a regular caller. Bill then remembered his first call to the show years ago was to recite “The Sulu Song,” and added his name wasn’t even Bill – that was the name Howard gave him for reasons he couldn’t remember – it was Josh. This led Howard to ask Josh if he ever called himself Bill in his real life, and he said he didn’t, and that it was sometimes difficult for him to convince people he was actually Bong Hit Bill given his birth name.