Lloyd Lindsay Young: Weather from the West

February 28, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After announcing that George Takei would sitting in all next week, Howard took a call from Lloyd Lindsay Young, who was the weatherman on Channel 9 when Howard’s show was on that channel.

Lloyd reported he was now working in San Francisco, and referred to himself as “the King of Bakersfield Television” – his play on “the King of All Media” – and Howard informed him he didn’t get any laughs with his joke.

Howard then said he’d always thought Lloyd was “mentally challenged,” but Lloyd laughed him off. However, Howard told Lloyd not to be upset, adding he thought he was the most “successful mentally challenged” person ever. Lloyd went on to say he was still married to the same woman Howard knew when he was at Channel 9, and mentioned he was now 65 years old. This led Howard to note he felt Lloyd was almost reaching “a sad point” in terms of his age and still being a weatherman, while Artie felt Lloyd had probably reached that point years ago. Howard next asked Lloyd how much money he currently made, and Lloyd claimed he did well, given his weatherman job as well as others he had in radio and television. Lloyd then agreed to take an IQ Test if Howard would have him into the studio to do it, and also guessed he’d score somewhere in the 90s. Before Lloyd got off the line, though, Gary asked him a number of weather-related questions, and he only got about half of the answers right.