Absolutely Gross: Richard Christy Hasn’t Brushed His Teeth In Four Days

March 1, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary came into the studio to report Richard hadn’t brushed his teeth since Sunday, mainly because he couldn’t find the toothpaste replacements for his electric toothbrush.

After Gary also said one of Richard’s temporary teeth fell out last week after he’d had oral surgery, Richard entered and mentioned he looked all over for the toothpaste refills everyday, but was unsuccessful each time.

Robin then noted the replacement tooth that fell out of Richard’s mouth might make it difficult for his dentist to put in a permanent one, which Richard admitted he didn’t realize could happen.

When Fred asked if Richard washed his hands upon going to the bathroom, he replied that he did, and claimed he started that habit as a youngster when he used to pet his father’s dogs, many of whom had mange.

Richard then acknowledged he had “a sore” on his nose, and was waiting for biopsy results to determine if it was cancer or not.

However, Sal thought Richard’s sore was a result of him constantly “picking his nose,” a practice Richard admitted he “loved.”