God Picks His Mouthpiece

March 1, 2007
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard took a call from a preacher, Bill Keller, who is the host of one of the many public access television shows Richard and Sal prank on a regular basis.

Following a clip one of Richard’s calls to the preacher, where he claimed masturbation was a sin, Bill admitted he used to pleasure himself, and that he also cheated on his wife, got divorced, and went to jail for insider training.

Bill proceeded to credit his past lifestyle as the reason he “found God” before refuting the upcoming documentary detailing the discovery of Jesus’ remains.

Bill next called the documentary “a new version of ‘The Da Vinci Code,'” but, as he was talking about the bible, Howard asked him if Richard and Sal “drove him nuts.” Bill replied, though, that he hosted his program specifically for people like Richard and Sal, who he noted never went to church and didn’t have Christ in their lives.

From One Man to Another

Robin jokingly pointed out she thought Bill was “an adulterer” after finding he’d gotten remarried, but Bill insisted he’d already received forgiveness from God on the matter. Bill then said he was a millionaire prior to going to jail, and that he “gave away” all his money once he joined the ministry.

Bill went on to acknowledge he received death threats on a regular basis, mostly from “pro-homosexual groups,” whose stance he said was against God’s wishes. Bill also said he “knew” homosexuality was “a choice,” and that he wanted gay people to turn their lives over to Jesus to be saved.

Despite Bill’s remarks, including one comparing homosexuality to bestiality, Howard commented he felt people should be able to be with who they wanted, regardless of their genders – but not species.

Although Howard and Bill didn’t agree on the topic of homosexuality, Howard admitted they saw eye-to-eye on Oprah Winfrey, who Bill had described as “the most evil person in America” for the way she “promoted false religions.”

Artie then said he thought Bill should call in again next week when George Takei was in the studio, and Howard thought that would be a good idea so he’d try to arrange the encounter.