Celebrate Black History Month All Over Again

March 5, 2007

Howard played clips of Tyra Banks discussing both her recent weight gain, as well as how an achievement of hers 10 years ago – her cover shoot for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue – was a reason to celebrate Black History Month.

Upon hearing the tape, Robin noted it was a perfect example of why she “hated” Black History Month, adding that she didn’t even consider Tyra to be “black.”

Since he was on the topic of Black History Month, Howard played clips of Sal interviewing a homeless African American, asking him these questions:

• What did Harriet Tubman do? The man said she gave black people “more freedom,” but Howard noted the answer was actually that she created the Underground Railroad

• What part of Africa did a majority of slaves come from? While the man responded with Johannesburg, Sal reported the answer was “the west coast”

• Who was the first African American heavyweight boxing champion? The man answered Muhammad Ali, but Robin said it was actually Jack Johnson

• Who was the first African American to win an Oscar for best actor? The man guessed James Earl Jones, but the right answer was Sidney Portier

• Who was the first African American baseball player? The man replied Hank Aaron, when the correct response was Jackie Robinson

• Who popularized the phrase “black power”? While the man said James Brown, Gary noted the answer was really Stokely Carmichael