Jackie’s Joke Hunt: Everyone’s an Expert

March 7, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A caller said he listened to “Jackie’s Joke Hunt” last night, and reported Jackie had hinted he could replace Artie if he were to leave the show.

However, Howard said that, although he liked Jackie, he couldn’t go back to working with him on a regular basis. When the caller then mentioned he preferred Artie to Jackie, Howard told him that the two had different roles on the show, with Jackie being more low key because he was primarily a writer.

The caller went on to refer to himself as “the biggest Artie fan there is,” but that he’d been “feeling badly” for him lately because he thought Artie seemed so depressed.

This led Howard to read a number of e-mails about Artie, with some of them making the case he was back on heroin, while others noted he seemed like he was ready to leave the show despite his relatively easy schedule. When the caller suggested George replace Artie, George responded he couldn’t do such a thing. George then added, “Artie, you are a singular individual. We love you, but we want to change you.”